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Getting Started with Online Bill Pay

What Can I Do?


Welcome to Online Bill Pay!

You can use Online Bill Pay to quickly pay your bills easily and securely.

You can pay any company or person with a U.S. address. In many cases, we can send the payment electronically. If we can't, we'll mail a check.

Using Online Bill Pay

To start using Online Bill Pay:

Add a bill. Click Add a Company or Person to Pay at the Payment Center to add the bills you want to pay. You can pay anyone with a U.S. address.
Pay a bill. Enter an amount and date for any bill listed in your Payment Center.

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Using Online Bill Pay Features

You can also use Online Bill Pay to:

If you have more questions about how Online Bill Pay works, read through our list of frequently asked payment questions.

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Using Online Bill Pay Help

For tips and assistance with Online Bill Pay, try our help! You can find help in the following places:

Tip: You can print a help page by using your browser's print feature.

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Sending and Receiving Money with Person to Person Payment

Person to Person Payment allows you to send money to anyone using information such as, his name and email address or mobile number. It's a great way to pay friends back for lunch, pitch in for your office holiday party, or send money to your child at college. To start using the service, click Popmoney.

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