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FAQs for Setting Up Automatic Payments

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What are automatic payments?

Automatic payments provide a means for automatically scheduling payments in Stillman Bill Pay based on the options you select. You can set up two different types of automatic payments.

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How do I change an automatic payment?

Select the automatic payment icon Automatic payment icon. that appears in the Pay Bills section of the Payment Center. Go to Manage My Bills where you can change the options for your automatic payment. These options affect all current and future payments for the bill that are scheduled automatically.

You can also go directly to Manage My Bills, select the bill, and then select the option to change your automatic payment options.

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What happens when I delete an automatic payment?

You cancel all payments that are scheduled automatically.

If you want to cancel only one scheduled payment instead of all payments that you've scheduled to be paid automatically, look for the payment in the Pending Payments section of the Payment Center. Click the Cancel link and confirm that you want to cancel the payment.

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