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What Can I Do?


For your protection, you must sign in to use Bill Pay. Signing in provides an added level of security for your service. You must also sign in again if you're not active in Bill Pay for a set period of time (usually 10 minutes). Automatic sign out helps protect your personal and payment information if you're called away from your computer.

If you're unsuccessful after five successive sign-in attempts, a message informs you that you're locked out of the system and cannot sign in again. If this happens, contact customer service.

Signing In to Bill Pay

To begin using Bill Pay, you must first sign in.

To sign in:

  1. In User Name, type your user name.
  2. In Password, type your password.
  3. Click Sign In.

Go to the top of the page.

Signing Out of Bill Pay

When you finish using Bill Pay, click the Sign Out link at the top right of the page. It's a good idea to sign out when you're finished with Bill Pay, even if you plan to continue using your computer. If you forget to sign out for some reason, your session automatically ends after several minutes of inactivity.

Go to the top of the page.